Baron Insight

Topic and Date
Finding Growth in Industrials
Rebecca Ellin, VP, Research Analyst; David Goldsmith, VP, Research Analyst; David Kirshenbaum, VP, Research Analyst; Aaron Wasserman, VP, Research Analyst; Matthew Weiss, VP, Research Analyst and Anuj Aggarwal, Research Analyst discuss finding growth in industrials
June 2016 View
Investing in Financials
Michael Baron, VP, Research Analyst; Josh Saltman, VP, Research Analyst and Jose Barria, Research Analyst discuss investing in financials
March 2016 View
Investing in Renewable Energy
James Stone, VP & Portfolio Manager, Baron Energy and Resources Fund and Rebecca Ellin, VP, Research Analyst discuss investing in renewable energy.
June 2015 View
Health Care: Finding Opportunities in a Dynamic Industry
Research Analysts: Randy Gwirtzman, VP & Portfolio Manager; Neal Kaufman, VP; Susan Robbins, VP and Josh Riegelhaupt discuss health care opportunities.
March 2015 View
Global Retail: Expanding Markets, Expanding Opportunities
Research Analysts Ashim Mehra, Kyuhey August, Aaron Wasserman, Anuj Aggarwal and Catherine Chen discuss global retail.
December 2014 View
Growth Opportunities in Software
  Research analysts Neal Kaufman and Neal Rosenberg discuss growth opportunities in software
September 2014 View
Retail: Thinking Outside the Big Box Store
Research Analysts Matt Weiss, Michael Baron, Ashim Mehra and Catherine Chen discuss opportunities in retail investing
June 2014 View
Investing in the Business of Travel 
  Research Analysts David Baron, Ashim Mehra and Catherine Chen discuss 
  opportunities in travel investing
March 2014 View
Energy Investing is Really NOT a Commodity Story
  Jamie Stone, Portfolio Manager of Baron Energy and Resources Fund,  
  discusses energy investing.
December 2013 View
Heathcare: Change presents great investment opportunities
  Neal Kaufman, Susan Robbins and Randy Gwirtzman discuss changes to healthcare.
September 2013 View
The Case for Real Estate
Baron sees broad opportunities in real estate investing.
March 2013 View
Finding Growth Opportunities in Technology
Linda Martinson explains Baron’s approach to investing in technology companies.
 May 2012 View
Information Services Drive Businesses
We are finding compelling investment opportunities in information services, where many businesses benefit from significant barriers to entry and high retention rates, which can lead to attractive margins and recurring revenue streams.
 March 2012 View
Buy Low, Go Long, Sell High
Baron President Linda Martinson explains why we believe this is a good time to invest in equities for attractive long-term results.
February 2012 View
Can You Imagine Life Without the Internet
Internet use is increasingly going mobile and the online marketplace is rapidly expanding. E-commerce, including search, shopping and advertising, is giving rise to exciting new investment opportunities says Baron analyst Ashim Mehra.
December 2011 View