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Baron International Growth Fund invests primarily in non-U.S. growth companies.



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Review and Outlook (for quarter ended 3/31/2016)

The first quarter of 2016 witnessed a sharp sell-off and recovery across the global capital markets. We believe this market behavior reflects the fragility of confidence in forward-looking economic and financial conditions in an era of increasing policy intervention. The global markets have exhibited a high correlation, often reacting in unison to events in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and particularly China. We believe the interconnectedness of global markets is likely to remain high while growth remains subpar and stimulative policy intervention in one jurisdiction often triggers unintended consequences in another.

While we were pleased to see the equity, credit, and commodities markets strengthen through the end of the first quarter, we would prefer to see convincing evidence of underlying fundamental strength and an improvement in global imbalances, rather than what appears to be ongoing aggressive monetary and fiscal policy tweaks. In our opinion, the most important such tweak was the shift in rhetoric suggesting the deferral of interest rate hikes by the U.S. Federal Reserve. In addition to the revised Fed communiqué, the European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, and People’s Bank of China, as well as Chinese fiscal policymakers, all appeared to accelerate easing measures during the quarter, particularly shortly after the G20 gathering of finance ministers in late February. While measures of coincident and leading economic indicators have recently responded in kind with fairly broad-based improvement, in our opinion it is difficult to distinguish cause and effect. Are improving economic indicators driving the rally in capital and commodities markets, or are policy-driven markets leading to improved economic indicators via the channels of rising confidence and recovering financial conditions? We believe that fundamental, lasting confidence in the global economy and markets would be inspired by a successful normalization of interest rates, while confidence driven by ever more unconventional measures, such as the recently launched negative interest rate policies in Europe and Japan, will likely remain fragile.

Though we remain somewhat skeptical that the Fed will be able to hold its ground in the face of an anecdotal rise in wage pressures, as of now we respect the improvement in global indicators. While current conditions likely favor those markets where sentiment has been poor in recent quarters, the shift in Fed policy does raise the likelihood of increased pressure in Europe and Japan should recent dollar weakness and Euro and Yen strength persist; such is the challenge of the global monetary sweepstakes in a low-growth environment. While it is certainly possible that global equity markets, as well as commodities, have bottomed, we suspect that confidence will at some point likely be tested. We continue to believe that substantial investment opportunities lie ahead, and believe we are strategically and tactically prepared to take advantage.

Top Contributors/Detractors to Performance

Contributors (for quarter ended 3/31/2016)
  • Mellanox Technologies Ltd. supplies semiconductor-based interconnect solutions and services. Strong Q4 results re-instilled investor confidence in Mellanox’s ability to grow profitably. In addition, the completion of its EZchip acquisition and adjusted guidance laid out a strong financial case for this combination. We view Mellanox’s Ethernet business as a significant open ended opportunity. We expect Mellanox to be a high-end market leader and protect its high margin business model with strong innovation and product leadership.

  • BM&FBOVESPA SA operates financial exchanges in Brazil. The stock increased during Q1 along with the broader Brazilian equity market and currency due to increased optimism that political changes will lead to structural improvements in the Brazilian economy. Shares also benefited from a proposed merger with Cetip that would create a unified financial clearinghouse for the Brazilian capital markets. We continue to own the stock because we expect the acquisition of Cetip will create significant shareholder value.

  • Newcrest Mining Ltd. is a leading Australia-based gold producer with diversified operations throughout Asia and Africa. The shares registered a sturdy advance during Q1 in response to solid earnings and operational progress as well as improved sentiment towards commodities and a rising gold price. We maintain our position and suspect that increased signs of capital controls and/or further currency weakness in China could spark a more material rally in the price of gold later this year.

Detractors (for quarter ended 3/31/2016)
  • Shares of TerraForm Global, Inc., an owner of renewable energy power plants in emerging markets, fell during Q1 due to uncertainty related to the implications of a potential bankruptcy of parent company SunEdison. In addition, TerraForm Global was unable to execute on transactions to create its formation portfolio. These factors make the company difficult to value, and the stock sold off as a result. We continue to hold the stock as we believe the company is solvent and has enough liquidity to continue.

  • Shares of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc. declined during Q1, largely in response to the introduction of negative interest rate policy by the Bank of Japan. This form of unconventional easing threatens the profitability of traditional banks through a reduction of net interest margin, as it would be quite difficult to pass through negative rates to depositors, essentially charging customers to maintain deposits with the bank. We have reduced our position but maintain a modest investment as we believe the market has likely overreacted.

  • Shares of Kingdee International Software Group Co. Ltd. declined during Q1 after it reported unexpectedly weak 4Q earnings results. Kingdee is a software vendor to small and medium-sized businesses in China. Its legacy software business, which funds the development costs for the fast-growing Cloud business, was weak due to delays in IT spending by Chinese enterprise clients. We believe Kingdee is well funded and can make the necessary Cloud investment despite the current slowdown in China.

Quarterly Attribution Analysis (for quarter ended 3/31/2016)

The Quarterly Attribution Analysis for period ending March 31, 2016 is not yet available

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