Baron Global Advantage Fund (BGAIX)

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Fund Description

Baron Global Advantage Fund invests in growth companies of all sizes anywhere.


Fees & Expenses

Institutional Shares of the Baron Funds may be purchased directly from Baron with no transaction fee by submitting an application in the mail. Institutional Shares may also be purchased from a broker, dealer or other financial intermediary that may charge you a fee.

Expense Ratio

Baron Global Advantage Fund 1.25%*

Minimum Investment

Account Type Minimum Initial Investment
Individual, Joint or UGMA/UTMA Accounts $1 million
Traditional, Roth or SIMPLE IRAs $1 million
Coverdell Education Savings Account $1 million
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*As of fiscal year ended 12/31/2015, the gross expense ratio of the Fund's Institutional Shares was 2.89% but the net expense ratio was 1.25% (net of the Adviser's fee waivers).