Baron Global Advantage Fund (BGAFX)

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Baron Global Advantage Fund invests in growth companies of all sizes anywhere.


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Fees & Expenses

Expense Ratio

Baron Global Advantage Fund 1.50%*

Minimum Investment

Account Type Initial Investment Subsequent Investment
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Individual, Joint or UGMA/UTMA Accounts $2,000 $0 $10
Traditional, Roth or SIMPLE IRAs $2,000 $0 $10
Coverdell Education Savings Account $2,000 $0 $10

The minimum initial investment for the Retail Shares is $2,000 per Fund, unless you choose to invest through the Baron Automatic Investment Plan. With the plan the initial investment is $500 with subsequent monthly investments of as little as $50, which are automatically invested from your checking account. You may discontinue your monthly automatic investments once your investment has reached $2,000.

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*As of fiscal year ended 12/31/2014, the estimated gross expense of the Fund's Retail Shares was 3.61% but the estimated net expense ratio was 1.50% (net of the Adviser's fee waiver).