Investing With Baron

Baron Funds offers a range of mutual funds that invest in small-, mid- and large-cap growth companies – each managed with our long-term, research-driven investment style.

Ways to Invest

Our Funds are available directly from Baron Funds, Charles Schwab Mutual Fund OneSource and Fidelity Funds Network with no transaction fees. To open an account and/or purchase shares of our Funds, please select the appropriate logo below.

You may also purchase our Funds directly through other mutual-fund supermarkets, most of which also have no transaction fees.

Here you’ll find application forms as well as links to the prospectus for each Fund. Please read the prospectus before investing in any Fund.

Click on a logo to start an account or add to an existing account.


If you have an account directly with Baron Funds and need to make a change, please use our Account Maintenance Form.