Michael Lippert - Baron Opportunity Fund

February 03, 2011

Michael Lippert discusses Baron Opportunity Fund.

Baron Opportunity Fund invests primarily in high-growth, mid-sized businesses benefiting from innovation through development of pioneering, transformative or technologically advanced products and services. We believe that technology-related innovations will continue to impact and drive growth across a broad array of industries and businesses. The Fund uses Baron's long-term and value-oriented approach to investing.

Companies propelled by innovation, including technology advances and new business models, may present the risk of rapid change and product obsolescence, and their success may be difficult to predict for the long term. Securities issued by medium sized companies may be thinly traded and may be more difficult to sell during market downturns. Even though the Fund is diversified, it may establish significant positions where the Adviser has the greatest conviction. This could increase volatility of the Fund’s returns.