Institutional Investor's Third Annual U.S. Investment Management Award

Baron Capital Among Equity Strategy Winners

Inst-Investor-smaller-(1).jpg Institutional Investor's 3rd Annual U.S. Investment Management Awards recognizes U.S. institutional investors whose innovative strategies and fiduciary savvy have resulted in impressive returns, as well as U.S. money managers in more than 34 asset classes who stood out in the eyes of the investor community for their exceptional performance, risk management and service.

Baron Capital Management, Inc. is the Mid-Cap Growth Equity Winner. Institutional Investor analyzed 2011 returns as well as three year annualized returns, standard deviation, and Sharpe and Sortino ratios from over 150 mid-cap growth strategies. From there, Institutional Investor selected eight managers in each strategy  and sent questionnaires to over 1,000 endowments, foundations, pension funds, and other institutions, asking them to pick the top three managers in each of the categories. The questionnaires concerned process discipline, risk management, distinctiveness of style, reputation of the firm, tenure of the managers, and long term performance.  Institutional Investors used the results of the survey to determine the  winner in each category with the highest total score. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Performance of accounts in the strategy may be materially different at any given time.